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No worries:We weren't affected by the CloudBleed bug that was reported and fixed last night. Read up on our Twitter page or be a true pro and read about it via CloudFlare's blog.

Melonz Homepage


Melonz is the parent of all of the Melonz divisions, which create the content that you see before you.

Melonz Gaming

Melonz Gaming is the gaming division of Melonz, which creates games right now but will expand to more than that (coming later than soon).

Melonz Web and Applications

Melonz Web is the web and application section of Melonz, which will create a Melonz app(lication) to use Melonz easier, and as for the web part... well... they created this site that you see right now (help from MDL)

That's it! Stay tuned for more things that Melonz is doing!

Useful Links and Features


Download ya vidya games! (and other stuff coming later than soo-)
Yeah, here's where you can download everything Melonz.

Click here to access it.

Melonz Dashboard (will be useful later)

This will be useful soon.
Basically, it'll be where you'll manage your account, report bugs or users, etc.
Most importantly, it will allow moderators and administrators to manage users quickly rather than giving them database passwords, and risking a leak.

Click here to access it.
Phone number
(901) 646-0920